Cake Sachets crocheted for charity                          Spreading love in a tangible way.
© 2006-2014 Norma Lynn Cake Sachets.  All rights reserved.
These patterns are created by yours truly. Enjoy!
Staple Instructions to My Free Patterns
  • Making a cake is easy! When working with the pattern, you can adjust the size of the cake by adding or subtracting the number of
  • My patterns can be used with any yarn weight and color.
  • Use a smaller size hook, about 1-2 mm less than the manufacturer recommended size. This will create tight tension/stitches,
    forming a defined shape to your piece.  
  • Invisible decreases can be in place of single crochet decreases.
  • As an alternative, stitch in back ridges when working in a chain.
  • Weave in ends as work progresses.  
  • Stuff the cake with fiber filling. Or if making a cake sachet, start with a tulle circle or mesh. Place potpourri in the center, secure the
    net fabric with a rubber band, and stuff it in the cake - voilà, a cake sachet!
  • Sew or glue pieces together when assembling.
  • All of my work is constructed from tight stitches and even tension. I almost always use the extolled Cotton Classic in DK weight by
    Tahki  Stacy Charles, and sometimes organic cotton or just cotton from a different brand, accompanied with a D/3.0 mm needle
    size. This 100% cotton yarn brings ease to every stitch and creates a smooth finish. Moreover, there is a vast array of vibrant colors
    to choose from. It is unparalleled yarn that brings its natural goodness to any project.
Have fun with these patterns!  
These templates are for the
endless imagination of those
who are not satiated with the
transience of sugary, edible art.
Use them as an impetus for your creativity!  
June 10, 2014
Change is good. Change is progress.
Minor Changes to My Free Patterns

Most of my free patterns have been written in 2006-2008. Sometime between 2010 and 2011a bug foraged through my website and
ruffled content as well as format. I was very busy with life and have been out of the country recently, but finally I have the chance to amend
the errors. In this process, I included other adjustments to polish my patterns.

There will be noticeable, but minor changes.
  1. As I peruse through today's crochet magazines, I noticed the language of patterns have evolved. Thus, my patterns have been fine-
    tuned to reflect the current language commonly used, which is important for those entering the ever-growing realm of crochet.
  2. I removed most links to my other patterns written within patterns making the total pattern in view.
  3. I finally added a pattern to make the bottom of a cake if not making a sachet!

Amidst all this,
the math in all the patterns remain the same as well as part of the panorama egg pattern! And I hope these changes will
add ease when stitching up a no-calorie guilt-free dessert.  If you have any questions and find an error, please e-mail me! Thanks so
much for visiting :)
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November 16, 2014

New Pattern!

Party Treats Platter!
November 9, 2014

Visiting Twinkie Chan! at SF Renegade Craft Fair

Yesterday, I visited Twinkie Chan! and what a delightful experience it was!  Her world is chock
full of color and candy-love.  Her signature pink hair, adorable yummy tattoos and girly dress
replete of sweetness had her fans suspended.   I myself was captured in the wonderment and
ogled at her and the delicious crochet goodies.  And her personality is as sweet as her work!

I have visited Twinkie years ago at the same event and am definitely visiting at the next.
Twinkie and her booth were nothing short of lovely, pretty, cute and nice!